Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mushroom recipes...

Mushrooms are nowadays very popular all over the World and more than thousands types of mushrooms are available all over the World. Mushrooms are low calorie foods and very good in taste and rich with calcium and  riboflavin and good dish for vegetarian too. Recently I have started preparing mushroom dishes as this is my husbands favorite too. I will share with you some of mushroom preparations here which I have learned from my friends and other websites.

Mushroom Masala ::::

This is my first mushroom preparation. I always prefer to be confident before preparing any dish and that day we have vegetarian guests and I had very few vegetables at home.So I decided to cook mushrooms and used the process which I used to make mutton fry long time ago following Sanjay Thumma's recipe. The preparation is little spicy yet nice in flavor and taste and goes will with any fried rice preparations or simply with chapati or roti.

Ingredients :::
10 medium size white mushrooms,sliced
1 big onion,finely chopped,
1 medium size tomatoes,finely chopped,
1/2 tbsp turmeric powder,
2 nos. big green cardamon,
3 nos. cloves,
1 inch cinnamon,
1 no.bay leaf,
1/6 tbsp cumin seeds,
1 tbsp ginger-garlic paste,
7-8 nos. curry leaves,
3-4 nos. green chillies, finely chopped,
salt to taste,
oil to fry.

For Tempering :::
3-4 nos. garlic cloves,
1/2 tbsp cumin seeds,
10 nos. peppercorns,
1/2 tbsp coriander powder and red chilli powder each,
a little cumin powder(optional),
one small cube of butter / any vegetable or olive oil.

1. Wash and cut mushrooms. Crush all the whole spices a little and keep aside.
2. Heat oil in a frying pan, add all the crushed whole spices and saute for half minute.
3. Add chopped onions and sprinkle a little salt so onion gets cooked nicely. Now add turmeric powder and ginger-garlic paste and saute nicely for 2 mins.
4. Add curry leaves and chopped green chillies and saute for another 2 mins. Now add chopped tomatoes and mix nicely and let it cook for sometime.
5. When tomatoes are half-done, then add sliced mushrooms and saute for 3-4 mins uncovered. Now sprinkle water and then let it cook covering the pan for 10 mins or untill done.
6. In the mean time, make a coarse paste of garlic,cumin seeds and peppercorns.
7. Now take another pan, heat butter and saute garlic mixture until nice aroma comes out. Add coriander powder,cumin powder and red chilli powder and mix thoroughly.
8 . Now add cooked mushrooms and mix nicely and adjust salt now and let it cook for sometime or until water evaporates. Serve hot and you can garnish with curry leaves and coriander leaves.
You can use any variety of mushrooms here and curry leaves and whole spices are optional. Instead of that, you can sprinkle a little bit of garam masala later before serving.


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